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This is the incredible true story of one man’s attempt to create an independent country on the continent of Antarctica.

The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Westarctica charts the struggles of Grand Duke Travis as he vainly seeks recognition from unsympathetic foreign governments and battles the internal squabbles of his citizens.

When things go even further south, the Grand Duke is forced to abdicate the throne, but makes a triumphant return four years later in a daring coup d'état against his successor.

An excellent case study in new country projects, this political memoir is as inspiring as it is informative.

In May 2005, Westarctica first extended a hand of friendship to the Republic of Molossia with the opening of diplomatic relations that have continued in earnest through three State visits, one Presidential wedding, and one international conference of micronations.

To celebrate the 11-year anniversary of flourishing Westarctica-Molossia relations, we have commissioned a celebratory stamp that is available for a limited time only.  The design of crossed flags was also shared with the
Molossian Postal Service so they will be able to mint stamps for use with their postal system.

Stamps are offered for $4 (U.S) plus $1 shipping and handling.

The Molossia commemorative stamps are now sold out!

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