Official List of Westarctica's Nobles Released

January 20, 2016

In 2015, there were a record-breaking number of Noble Titles and Knighthoods bestowed upon Westarctica's friends and supporters.  Fourteen peers were added to the Hereditary Nobility and twenty Knights of the Snowflake were dubbed into the Order.  In honor of our cherished supporters, valiant knights, and dear friends, the Grand Duke has released an up-to-date listing of all members of the Hereditary Nobility as of 19 January, 2016 in their order of precedence.


Children of the Grand Duke

Archduke Nicholas

Viceroy of Peter I Island, Ashton Roman


Princes / Princesses

Prince Dinny, Marquis of Sarnoff

Prince of Siple, Neils Vermeersch

Princess of Thurston, Karrie Mott



Duke of Waesche, Luis “Wolf” Tulier

Duke of Ravencroft, Philip Karns

Duke of Moulton-Berlin, Jon-Lawrence Langer

Duke of Le Vaux, Dr. Javier Gold Ferrari


Marquis / Marquise

Marquis of Williamson, Jorge Fernandez-Vidal

Marquise of Walgreen, Cathryn McHenry


Counts / Countesses

Countess Radlinski, Jean Morin

Count of Canisteo, Griffith Frank

Count of Kohler, Joseph Day

Count of Ellsworth, Jeffrey Truett

Count of Mintz, Michael Whyte

Countess of Chapman, Amy Morales

Count of Martin, Martino Bertoni

Countess of Martin, Francesca Bertoni

Countess of Burke, Chelsea Strabala

Count of Westwinter, Jeremy Moore

Count of Campbell, Neal Thapar

Countess of Campbell, Aarti Thapar

Count of Moore, Vicente de Camargo Bicudo de Castro

Count of Trabucco, Jeffrey Rogers



Viscount of Whitmore, Neil Whitmoyer

2nd Viscount of Reynolds, Terry Perkins

Viscount of Siple, Emilio Garcia-Sanchez

Viscount of Boyd, unknown

Viscount of Gardiner, Shaun Herron


Barons / Baronesses

Baron of Forrester, Erik White

Baron of Andrus, Eduard Versluijs

Baron of Eburhard, Douglas Swank

Baron of Tearmunn, Troy Thompson

Baroness of Petras, Leila Rozumski

Baroness of Groves, Rebecca Lorene Wilcomes

Baron of Browson, Thomas Delage

Baron of Ward, Miles Ward

Baron of Havola, George Morin, Jr.

Baron of Maricopa, Aurther Langer

Baron of Ellis, unknown



Baronet of the South Pole, Thomas Keister

Baronet of Westarctica, Thibaut Naniot


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